Buddy Icons

Napoleon Dynamite Buddy Icons

Due to popular demand we have added a buddy icon that you can download freely to use in AIM or as an avatar for message forums.

Buddy Icon Installation Instructions

In order to make one of these your buddy icon you first need to right-click and save it to your computer, but be sure to remember where you saved since you will need to find it again. Then, load up AIM and click on the MyAIM menu on the top bar. Then select Edit Options, Edit Preferences, and this will bring up a big generalized options menu box.

On the left, where it says "Category" there is a list of categories and the seventh one down says "Expressions." You will then see a "My Buddy List" menu. Now, click on "Browse PC" and find the icon you saved. Voila!

While you are at it, you might want to change the default font to the same font that's used on Napoleon's t shirt! The way to do is just to click on Font right in the same menu and select the right font. To find out which font Napoleon uses on his t-shirt click here.

Here are some more buddy icons I've found on other websites:

MyTheme.com Aim Expressions - Lots of Napoleon Dynamite buddy icons there.

Buddy-Icons.us - Plenty of Napoleon Dynamite Icons on this site.

IMBuddy - More icons, away messages and themes.