Napoleon Dynamite Links

Napoleon Dynamite Trailer
Napoleon Dynamite Page at - everything you need to know about the movie, including cast, photos and background history.
Napoleon Dynamite Books
at BookFail.
Napoleon Dynamite Does the Top-Ten with David Letterman - very funny video of Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite for Dave's "Top Ten Signs You're not the Most Popular Kid School".  Shows how good of an actor he really is.
Napoleon vs. Fender Dance Off - A marketing ploy to promote the new Robots cartoon and the Napoleon DVD.
Napoleon Dynamite page at - The Amazon page for the Napoleon DVD; has some really insightful user reviews.  Also available is the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack.
Napoleon Dynamite Movie Mistakes and Corrections - People with entirely too much time on their hands pore over the movie and argue with each other over minor details.
Napoleon Dynamite Quiz - Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?  I think I ended up getting Kip.
P.A.N.D.A. - The Proudly Anti Napoleon Dynamite Association @
BlockbusterOnline - Blockbuster has gone online and you can rent Napoleon Dynamite for free with their monthly trial.
What is Napoleon Dynamite?

T-Shirt Links

The T-Shirt Blog - Weekly blog about cool new t-shirts.
T-Shirt Monger - Purveyor of offensive t-shirts
Funny T-Shirts
- Just like the name says, funny party-going t-shirts.
Animal T-Shirts @
Funny Vintage T-Shirts - Vintage style ringers, baseball jerseys and t-shirts.
A Rose is a Rose - TONS of anti-Bush t-shirts
T-Shirt Shopping - Links to t-shirts sites, some of them edgy/offensive.
T-Shirt Rank - Yet another ranking directory of popular t-shirts.
My Webring
T-Shirt Grill
- Rock'n'roll t-shirts from the UK.
BuyTShirtsHere - Vote for us at this site.
EShirtLabs - Futuristic sports themed t-shirt designs.
1001 Tees - A large collection of tees to choose from.
ShittoShinola - Anti-creationism, anti-religion, and sperm donor t-shirts.
Afterfunk - Seriously funky designs and drawings for afterfunkers.
Idioteex - Low brow party humor.
T-Shirt Republic
World Cup Soccer Jerseys - A directory of international soccer shirts.

Liger links:

Liger page at T.I.G.E.R.S. Animal Actors
Ligers and Tigons at the Shambala Preserve
Authoritative page on science of hybrid cats, Part I and Part II
The Anti Liger Alliance - Another goofy site in the mold of


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