Peluca Short Film
Peluca is the short film made by Jared Hess and John Heder before 
Napoleon Dynamite was ever conceived. In fact, Peluca was the 
inspiration for the full feature, and if you ever watch it you can 
see how Napoleon Dynamite was fleshed out from this ten minute film.

A small project for film class, it was shot on grainy black and white 
film all in one day in Preston, Idaho and on a short budget. The 
film's main character is Seth, played by John Heder, and is 
essentially Napoleon Dynamite. Pedro, and the rest of the cast is 
made up mostly of Preston High students, so the whole thing has the 
feel of a home video made by high school kids. Pedro, and some of 
the other characters can barely keep a straight face, but that makes 
the film all the more hilarious.

In fact Peluca has a fresh, goofy feel that in some ways is funnier 
than the feature film. John Heder's acting really stands out and 
carries the film, and you can see how Napoleon Dynamite was developed 
from just a bunch of ideas. You can find Peluca in the features section of the Napoleon Dynamite DVD.
(It came with the Napoleon Dynamite DVD I rented from Blockbuster Online)

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