Nepoleon Dance

Napoleon Dynamite Dance

One of the more popular Napoleon Dynamite websearches today is napoleon dynamite dance In fact there are many sites out there who have a small flash movie of Napoleon dancing set to a break-dancing theme, like the one here.

The complete dance scene from the movie is awesome though - Napoleon and Pedro finally break through from their loserdom and inject some life into the Preston High crowd. The best place to see the Napoleon Dynamite Dance video online is at Napoleon vs. Fender Dance Off

The Low down on the Napoleon Dynamite Dance

The dance scene was actually shot in three takes, with the best moves from each scene being taken. That's why you see so many breaks in the sequence. Also, if you look closely you'll notice that on one of the takes Napoleon's shirt comes untucked, and you can see in the video it alternates from being tucked to untucked.