Sound Boards


Napoleon Dynamite Soundboards

You can relive your favorite Napoleon Dynamite moments through these flash based soundboards that some ardent fans have put together. Basically, a soundboard is a collection of wav sounds (in this case Napoleon Dynamite quotes) that you can play by clicking the appropriate button.

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard V.3.1 - The best and the most popular soundboard, with sounds from Deb, Uncle Rico, as well as Kip, Napoleon, and Pedro

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard by Fredryk Phox - A nicely put together soundboard featuring quotes from Napoleon

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard with lots of sounds, from

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard at Ebaumsworld and the prank calls made with it. More soundboards of other celebrities and prank calls are available here.

Enjoy. You can also find a list of all memorable quotes from Napoleon Dynamite on our quotes page.